Use this information to choose the appropriate membership investment for your organization.

Base Membership Rates

Standard Business Rate – $192.50 base rate for most businesses under 50 employees. Add the per-employee rate to the base rate in the table below if your business has 5 or more employees.*

Agriculture Rate – $137.50 base rate up to 5 employees. Calculate using the Standard Business Rate for 6 or more employees.*

Associate Rate – $110.00 base rate for a retired person, non-profit or other non-business-affiliated membership.

Per-Employee Rates

Business owners should calculate their base and per-employee rates using the line corresponding to their employee total.*


Special Membership Rates

These businesses pay base and per-employee rates below plus:

Financial Institutions – $385 for the first million in deposits plus $8 for each additional million in deposits in the Chamber service area.

Utilities – $275 for the first 5000 customers plus $0.07 per customer over 5000 in the Chamber service area.

Lodging – $1.25 per hotel or motel room.

Multiple Businesses, Locations & Listings – $137.50 for each additional business or location listing desired. (The base rate includes one listing.) Use the total number of employees from all businesses or locations in the Chamber service area when calculating your per-employee rate.*


Investment Calculation Table

Use this Standard Business Rate table to find rates for most investments based on your total number of full-time employees.

(Number of Full-Time Employees x Per-Employee Rate) + Base Rate + Special Rate = Total

# FT Employees x Per-Employee Rt. + Base Rt. + Special Rt.
000 to 049 $0.00** $192.50 ***
050 to 074 $4.40** $440.00 ***
075 to 099 $3.30** $550.00 ***
100 to 149 $2.20** $632.50 ***
150 to 199 $1.10** $742.50 ***
200 or more $0.85** $797.50 ***

*Two Part-Time Employees = One Full-Time Employee

**Multiply Per-Employee Rate by your number of employees

***Add any applicable Special Membership Rates


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